Mar 4, 2011


Timing can be a funny thing.

In October, my nurse practitioner cousin asked me about some GI problems just as I wrapped up my GI module. I hypothesized that she maybe had a food allergy based on her history, but hell if I know for sure. And no, I don't know why SHE would ask ME anything, the girl worked in an ER for four years. Clearly she's the one with all the practical knowledge.

In December, I learned about orthopedic injuries and soon after, got a call from my dad about a knee problem. He had a screaming positive McMurray test when I went home and demanded he lay down and let me poke and prod his knee (very patient, my father). He's getting his 35% medial meniscal tear fixed up at the end of the month.

Tomorrow, my grandfather is having a cystoscopy for suspected bladder or prostate cancer while I will sit through a lecture on renal and bladder cancers. This is my least favorite match-up so far.

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