Mar 15, 2011

Shit Old Surgeons Say

So this grouchy old surgeon came in to give us information about our surgical clerkships next year. He did manage to stay on topic for a little while.

Dr. Inmy Day: "Well, we can't require you to be at the hospital before 5 am anymore. But, dedicated students show up before 5."

Then he somehow got on the subject of his residents.

Dr. Inmy Day: “They already have their damn 80-hour work weeks. And starting July 1st, our interns are limited to just 16 hour shifts. The only thing they haven’t told us yet is that we have to give them milk and cookies every night.”

Not gonna lie, I laughed. Throw in bed time stories and I'm sold!

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  1. Hilarious.
    And, cool blog. Looking forward to reading it.