Feb 24, 2011

Think About the Plants!

One of my very favorite professors often gives us notable quotes to breakup his lectures (most of them revolve around Chuck Norris...yes, you read that right). He threw this one on the board recently:
"Never trust a doctor whose office plants are dead."
As someone who loves plants and yet seems to have a black thumb instead of a green one (I killed a cactus in college, y'all), this doesn't bode well for me. I mean, I'm pretty good at keeping animals alive; as long as it can tell me it's hungry (whining, jumping on my face, rattling the food bowl, pawing at my bedroom door at 6am), it will survive my care. But if it doesn't let me know? It might get forgotten for long periods of time. I go through several plants a year, which all seem to invariably die off when I bring them in for the winter because the lady who shares a porch with me is no longer able to take pity on them when watering her own plants.

So only patients who can actually vocalize their problems to me.

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