Jan 23, 2012

I Know I Can't!

Cue to the medicine floor at 9pm.
A nurse notes a patient rifling through the refrigerator at the nurse's station, dumping all the juice boxes into a garbage bag she's taken from the trash can in her room. The nurse watches, agape, as the patient finishes cleaning out the entire fridge, then begins dragging her bag o' goodies down the hall. The nurse finally recovers as the patient is about to enter her room (an easy 30 feet away).
Frozen, RN: "Hey! You can't do that!"
Mrs. Frontal Infarcts: "I know I can't!"
The patient then proceeds to drag her prize into the room and shut the door.
End scene.

This story had a happy ending, however. Shortly afterward, a highly-trained team of professionals was assembled, and the hostage juice boxes of 6-South were successfully extracted.

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