Jun 7, 2011

The Brain

...cannot be explained by anything but magic. And not in a nice way, as in, "Wow, it sure is magical how awesome our brains are!"

I'm not going to be a neurologist, guys. I think I'll get a Harry Potter-esque wand for my neuro clerkship next year. Here is how this goes down in my head:

Attending: "Sassy, what causes Wallenberg syndrome and what is the clinical presentation?"
Me, waving wand vigorously: "Magic!"

Attending: "Sassy, what does this patient's CT scan suggest?"
Me, brandishing wand at image: "Magic!"

Attending: "Sassy, how in the hell did you get into this school?"
Me, flourishing wand: "Dark magic!"

Resident: "Med student, get me a cup of coffee!"
Me, stirring in creamer and sugar with wand: "MAGIC!"

They will love me. You have to admit the wand would be useful in the last situation.

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